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The Punchers The Punchers

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This "game" is unplayable. You cannot skip the unreadable and boring intro. The cutscenes are some kind of joke. If they were at least any good and justified I wouldn't mind them, but we're talking here about some simple html game that looks horrible.
Literally the whole game is watching boring slideshow cutscenes that you cannot fully understand, nor skip, and a couple of mouse clicks. There is also no tutorial or any hint system that would tell you what to click, and that would be appreceated, considering the graphics are awful.
The game is also too damn short. Loading screens are uncalled for, and some info about one character being faster than the other is really useless - there's no even any 'character speed' in the game that the player could compare.

I don't mind the voice acting. If you're a bunch of kids, it's nice that you try to do something creative and fun instead of wasting your life on something less productive, but you should redefine your approach to making games. I sat through bad intro and all the cutscenes in ancitipation of some kind of gameplay, but all I got was few clicks, and the game ended. This is not how you make a game. Try focusing on gameplay mechanics instead of story.

TeamFezzy responds:

I read your comment ok , we are making a deluxe edition with one more mission. Thank you for the advice. By the way , please do not hate. I know you don't like the game , but we tried the hardest working on it. Also , in the deluxe edition , the mission is not really , a mission. It is set five years after the nuclear war.

- Bobby Fereday

(Owner of TeamFezzy)

Mind Reader.EXE Mind Reader.EXE

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It's a bad algorithm. It couldn't guess 67 couple of times. There was actually a moment where the game would take turns asking is it's 66 of 68 and never propose 67. And this applies to many other numbers. Sometimes it just doesn't work correctly. And it's a shame, because that's the only feature of the game. There's nothing else to rate. It's cool that you try, but the outcome is not cool.

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DominusLucas responds:

Yeah, the algorithm isn't nearly as good as i expected... at least the navigation works as i had intended it to, I'll revisit it sometime later an try to improve the algorithm, i have to think of a way of it not repeating guesses and making more predictable yet not so predictable guesses.

I updated it, care to give it another try? Your feedback was very important.

Cube Growth 2 Cube Growth 2

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I don't think there's anything to review at this point. Such game can be assembled in an hour, there's nothing fancy about it. No sfx, no skybox or at least some fancy background, and models are just standard cubes and planes. There's literally nothing about this game that would want me to play it longer than 3 minutes, after which the player character is big enough to engulf every other block.

I understand that this is "Alpha Phase prototype" and I do understand need to get some feedback to get motivated, but I think that even for a prototype of a game in it's alpha phase (wtf), it's not much, especially, since it's a second upload. If you plan to show us unfinished "alpha prototype", you should add some mechanics that will make it fun to play, make it engaging somehow. Games are supposed to entertain, not waste time.

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Six Rows Six Rows

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really like it. The concept is pretty good and siple, and works fine. I don't like the fact that you can often get stuck with one "free" block in a row. You can't really do anything if it happens, and it's bound to happen a lot, since usually the row is being fulled block by block, so there's lots of opportunities to get one space in that row completely blocked along the way. The last block in a row has to be filled by a blue block from another row, so assembling the row requires specific situation to happen, and probability of this situation to happen can be quite low if you have no luck with blue block spawns. It's a mathematical problem, but it applies to your game.

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Walking The simulator Walking The simulator

Rated 0 / 5 stars

It's not enjoyable at all. I understand the personal need to show your work and get some feedback, but I wouldn't expect any honestly good feedback if I was you. This "simulator", since we cannot call it a game, has nothing to offer. It's a simple scene that can be built in under 5 minutes in Unity, given you already have all assets.

Nothing seems custom here, you cannot even get under the roofing that's extended over doors in some buildings, since the mesh collider is blocking you, even though you should be physically able to enter that space. The floor of the village is obviously badly textured. As far as I can see, there's nothing interactible on the level.

I see that you're using 'Medieval Town Exteriors' pack, which is a free asset on Unity store, so I cannot even give you better score for making the assets. And as you can probably see, one of the buildings in this pack has glitched/badly made roof part. You're also using stock character controller - I'm pretty sure convinced there's nothing you have done yourself except placing buildings and badly texturing the floor. It's not good, it's just not good, it takes no effort to make this. This submission takes 60 megabytes and presents nothing. Also, maybe it's just me, but the mouse was way oversensitive.

What would I like to see added to this "game"? First of all, effort. You don't have to make an excellent game just like this, but at least do something yourself. Write an impressive script, make a great model, make it interactible via your impressive script, etc. Just do something worth spending time on.

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PVZLuka responds:

Ok this game was mainly a joke but I understand your point in the future I plan to add characters to talk to and btw I'm only 13 I appreciate your feedback and I hope you enjoy playing my new releases witch will come in the future.

Zombie Frogger Zombie Frogger

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's easy, it's short. The sprite doesn't turn to the mouse properly and probably rotates too slow. As I understand, the invisible walls are supposed to make the game harder. Unfortunately It just made the game worse. I do like when my game challenges me, but that wasn't a challenge at all. It was a time waster that made me look for a stupid passage in a safe zone. I wasn't really endangered by anything while looking for the passage. It was just a time waster. Also, you CAN see the passage when you look closely - it's a little bit darker than the rest of the stripe that's not passable. And that's actually worse, because it made me naturally look closer and use up my eyesight to detect a little gap.

The cars were passing in a pattern, everything was simple sprites, I didn't experience any sound effects, so I guess there isn't much to judge apart from what I have already mentioned. It's not a terrible frogger game, but it's not any good either. There's so many things I could think of that could improve this "just cross the street" mechanic. I see none of those in your game.

Gold Mine Jurassic Dig Gold Mine Jurassic Dig

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I assume this game is meant for kids, and that's saving this game from bunch of harsh judgement, since the potential player is not very demanding.

The music doesn't loop. It get s silent after a while, and if you want it again, you have to press the music button twice. It's a minus. The digging mechanic is pretty much a time waster. The only reason for this to be in a game I can find is that it's supposed to teach kids, that digging does require some time and effort. Firsly I wasn't sure where you're supposed to click and tried clicking gems and stuff, but later I noticed that it doesn't matter. The 'tutorial' which is a link to a youtube video (which is a disguisting move in itself) didn't really explain to me how to play, it just showed me gameplay. The 3 star rating below is completely senseless. You get a star each time you uncover some bone pieces, and those usually are in more than 3 groups, so you keep looking for bones even after achieving 3 star rating that doesn't really mean anything. If it's tied to time then it's also bugged, since my first excavation was quite long.

The assembling bones part is the coolest thing in the game and it makes the game. I actually enjoyed it even though it wasn't even remotely exciting. It just looked nice, there wasn't anything bad about it, if you ignore the visible gray seams between bone puzzles you assemble. The game has absolutely no ending which is pretty dissappointing. Not even a small panel congratulating you on finishing the whole game. You should reward the player at the end.

Music choice is decent, children should be familiar with melodies like Hanabera.

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Dungeons Deep Dungeons Deep

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I assume this game was rather designed for touchscreens. I played it on mouse and well... I don't think it was as engaging as playing on the touch screen would be. Apart from that, we get yet another pixelated excuse for graphics and decent, little gameplay. I played little, reached 18th level and I think that I've experienced all the game has to offer. The "restart 5 levels below dying level" mechanic was a positive suprise to me, and that's cool. The treasure and high score surely motivate player to risk and play more.

As far as I'm concerned, enemies move quite randomly, maybe with prefference to reach player when he's nearby, so they're pretty easy to avoid. Multiplying them was a good choice. However, on the levels with 3x3 grid it is actually possible to get to the exit before enemies make second move, so if after the first move exit isn't blocked, you pretty much won the level. Knowing this, I was glad to see, that the grid got bigger later on.

It's not a game that I would come back to after some time, unfortunately.

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Yozzik responds:

Hi fellow! Thanks for your review!

Actually the level grows bigger each 15-20 levels, up to a 7x7 with a hell of enemies. So, you can come back to it after some time. ;)

ABoo Stack ABoo Stack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really like it. It's great in it's simplicity and does actually look original to me. I'm a strong fan of games that try to show some kind of original mechanics, so that's a big plus from me. On the other hand, it's just a simple game that doesn't even encourage me to come back to it. It's not wrong, but it's not amazing either.

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Police time!!! Police time!!!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This game is terrible. I don't mind written dialogs as part of telling the story, as long as they look at least normal. Dialogues in this game are terribly written and look like shit.
You're told that in the first mission you're supposed to kill some gang member, while all you face there is some kind of unarmed guy with his hands up. I was waiting for the real gang member, but then I obviously lost the mission. I lost, because the game was unclear. And after losing, I had to repeat the obligatory 100 click tutorial that's really annoying. You could really lower the number of shots needed to pass the tutorial to like 10. Player doesn't need more than that to learn shooting in your game.
Then, you get the "shot gun" - a gun, which shoots - and are told to click 50 times again in the pseudo shooting range. The second mission is as boring and easy as the first one - kill one unarmed guy. Then you get the cringy dialogue and badly made choice buttons. It just looks bad.

I chose one ending and didn't bother to restart (you could have at least included the damn restart button) and check another ending. Do you know why? It's not even that I'd have to do those 152 clicks in total again to skip through 7 panels. It's that the game is so badly optimised, that it weights 41 MegaBytes. It's hell of a file. I'm not sure how you achieved such dramatic weight in such basic crap game, but It's just so horrible, that I'm just zero bombing it without a second thought.

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Gurken responds: