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More important than Rockefeller's Death

2017-03-20 23:41:38 by Makakaov

Was my hate, apparently. Because it is advised to believe, that I was waiting three fucking years, lurking in the shadows, waiting for some vulnerable thread, so I can derail it with pure HATE towards an insecure mod. See how brilliant I strike with my HATE, pointing out double standards in handling users with no respect for the dead (which is an unimportant issue, focus on my HATE), and after that just sate other users' curiosity with providing proof for my claims (Nah, just kidding, those must've been my alt accounts, since no sane person would perpetuate such direct HATE).2903269_149006759251_David_Rockefeller_dead_at_101_-_2017-03-21_042237.png

Fortunately, problem was dealt with, lmao.



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2017-03-21 03:30:05

WUT my mind is either blown or im just totally confused, WAT soooo um rockfeller is deeadm oookay.... everyone is "happy" about it in a very expected way or is that... how many accounts do you have again...?? :3
also fake it till you make it piece was fabulous.


2017-04-02 02:20:37

Hey, I'm in this

Makakaov responds:

thats gay


2017-04-02 02:24:16

fuck you


2017-04-04 16:23:50

Hey thats my thread!

Makakaov responds:

thats gay